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Songwriting at the Soular Power Suite involves writing songs perfectly tailored to your Artist. This can be done in conjunction with them, or on their behalf. Songwriting is the currency of the Music Industry, and great songs with powerful hooks are few and far. Many songs have a strong conceptual base but have not reached their full potential.

Being experienced and successful songwriters ourselves, we are aware that Artists can be sensitive about their compositions. As a result of this, we have the means to create new songs with them, or develop their songs to maximise impact, without challenging or diluting the essence of the original piece, or stepping on any toes.

Arrangement looks at already written, raw songs, and generally involves moving things around a little bit, perhaps slightly changing some lyrics or melodies, just to bring out the strongest elements of the original piece. Ever wondered why that DJ on that radio station never played the song you sent in to him or her?
We know why, we have the remedy, and can work in any style of music.

We assist in these areas even if the Artist is recording elsewhere, and offer these services as Ghost Writers if required.

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