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Recording and Production can be done in-house at the Soular Power Suite. Music Production is also available on a freelance basis if your Artist requires our top notch production services when recording elsewhere. If your Artist has already recorded somewhere else, and you are not completely satisfied with the results, we can still help and advise in this area. We also offer high energy EDM remixes of your songs, provided that you can provide us with the stem files.

When we Record and Produce material we work to the highest standards. No detail is necessarily too small. Identifying and capturing the right 'sound', and the energy of the performance is paramount to us. We are highly selective about the Production Projects that we take on. We care very much about the finished article, and this takes time.

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Soular Power Suite  /  email: bookings@soularpower.com  /  tel: +44 (0)141 639 1257


Eugene Bal, Singer/Songwriter, MC, DJ, Sound Engineer (Morcheeba, Elton John, Fatboy Slim, Carl Cox)
I have had the privilege of operating at the Soular Power Suite on many occasions and I am delighted to report back an experience that is second to none. As well as having a charming and great natured character at the helm of this audio creation and nurturing vessel, you soon realise there is an extremely intelligent musical genius lurking within a mild mannered man. The creative talent, active listening and understanding of structure, along with the skills to interoperate all this into finished pieces of musical brilliance, has certainly given an edge and advantage over any other environments that I have operated in.

This for me is very rare as I find that a lot of sound engineers can lack the enthusiasm and empathy associated with an artists varying demands. I am a sound engineer and musician and used to own a studio in Glasgow. I have worked in many festivals with well known artists (Morcheeba, Elton John, Fatboy Slim, Carl Cox, Blazing Fiddles, Red Hot Chilli Pipers and Seasick Steve to name a few), which has given me the opportunity to work with a large quantity of engineers and I definitely rate the Soular Power Suite at the top end.

They have brought out hidden magic in a lot of my music pieces and at times have even helped to steer them in directions that were more appealing to me. I would recommend this studio to anyone who wants a fresh take on how a business should be run, and if you want a relaxed, professional and creative environment that promotes an audio portfolio to the highest degree, or indeed if you need some inspiring and atmospheric audio pieces created from scratch. There is always an air of excitement when I am booked in and when the session is finished I am overwhelmed with the results and always, always, ALWAYS feel I have gained more than I expected. If they were Chefs, they would have Michelin stars.

Francis Somers, Songwriter/Guitarist
I have tried other studios but came back to the Soular Power Suite because of the quality of the production. They know it's not a quick "get in and get out again" live recording, so they utilise everything to give my recordings top production quality and professionalism. The bottom line is that, unlike many other Recording Studios, they care immensely about the quality of the material coming out at the other end, and always want it to sound as good as it possibly can. I would recommend the Soular Power Suite to anyone looking for music production and recording.

Bob Lowey, Songwriter/Guitarist
I enjoy recording at the Soular Power Suite as they always keep you informed of the progress of your recordings in between sessions. Including all musical instruments anyone would need under one roof, the Soular Power Suite has all the equipment required for professional recording and playback. Furthermore, when you are unsure of the sound you are looking for, albeit a chord, a key, or even a harmony, they are there for excellent suggestions and recommendations as the MD is pretty unique as a multi skilled musician as well as a music producer and recording engineer. That is, he plays, drums, guitar, keyboards, bass, sax and all sorts, really professionally unlike some of the recording studios I have been to where the engineers sit listening and recording with very little input far less a conversation! They are easy to talk to, bounce ideas off regarding your music, and involve you in your own production process. If you are looking for a professional, tight sounding recording and excellent mix down, the Soular Power Suite is the place to be!

Soular Power Suite  /  email: bookings@soularpower.com  /  tel: +44 (0)141 639 1257

Soular Power Suite  /  email: bookings@soularpower.com  /  tel: +44 (0)141 639 1257