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With over a decade of experience in the music industry, we have experienced ongoing success with clients receiving airplay, signing Record or Publishing Deals, and have continued to work with Artists signed to Labels of all sizes.

Amy Belle signed to Epic while working with us, also working with John Shanks, and had two songs picked up by Miley Cyrus. Lisa Harrison had us produce her songs after she left Lemonescent to work on music with more substance. Gianna Cassidy was signed to Sony and toured with Jill Jackson of Speedway after working with us. We have worked with Roadrunner Records bands such as Kids in Glass Houses, Dresden Dolls, Madina Lake and Black Stone Cherry.

We have links to major and independent record, publishing and management companies, press, radio, TV and film. We will only use our industry contacts once we believe that, through our combined efforts, the clients portfolio is indisputably and totally rocking!! And our purpose is to make it so : )

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